Who will win the NBA championship in 2012?

Bill Russell and his 11 championship rings

With all of the drama going on in the NBA many seemed to almost forget there was a championship to win in June.  From Dwight Howard holding Orlando “hostage” to the many injuries many feel the condenced shedule caused, the NBA has been on a rollercoaster ride. 

Analyst saw this as the most wide open playoffs in history but the first round only had one seven game series(LA in 7 vs. DEN).  With the Chicago Bulls falling to the Sixers and losing their MVP the Miami Heat became the favorite to win the Eastern Conference.  In the West the Oklahoma City Thunder were seen as the favorite throughout the season until the San Antonio Spurs showed that there is no gray area; its just black and white. 

The Spurs are one of the most efficient offensive teams in the NBA this year which is a change of pace from previous championship teams.  With Miami losing what many took as a “throwaway” star in Chris Bosh title hopes may be in doubt unless Wade and James can score 70 points together every night. 

The Big 3 in Miami even with Bosh seem to be an afterthought with the Big 3 in OKC getting hot in the Laker series.  Boston’s window seems to close every year but opens up come playoff time but do they have enough to overcome the Heat?  Who knows, the Heat are without Udonis Haslem for a game due to suspension so they’re victory isn’t a foregone conclusion.  The Celtics are having trouble with the young and energetic 76ers so will they even advance to the semifinals?

The Indiana Pacers through four games with the Heat outscored them by five points…until the blowout victory in Miami in game 5.  The Pacers seem to be a team for the future.  Now when I say that I mean a powerhouse for the future, not a developing team such as the Kings.  This year though they were fifth overall record wise and didn’t look back with a dominating series in the first round.  Going six games with Miami is an accomplishment if the Pacers cannot push the series to seven.

The Thunder have great defensive post play, energy, a solid bench, the sixth man of the year(James Harden), good defense, good offense, a very good coach, general manager and a great fanbase.  By the way, they have Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  How can they lose?  Many thought that the Lakers series would expose the inability to score in the post against the Laker “bigs” but that didn’t happen because of the lack of production from the two but that’s another topic in the near future.  (BTW, not a Laker hater).

With all of the factors envolved how can anyone pick a team to win it all this early? 

Who will win the NBA championship in 2012?