This site/blog is all for fun/parody and is not meant to hurt or offend anyone so do not take anything to heart.  All opinions are to be respected and no profanity, ethnic/racial slurs, or any other vulgar language will be tolerated.  This is a way to spread information and express ideas and opinions as well as place where rants on basketball are embraced and encouraged.  Each couple of days I will post top Technical fouls of the week and the players or organizations that get a a giant YEAH.  The technical fouls are usually bonehead plays in the game, twitter or press conference gafs or just dumb things in general.  The giant YEAH is for the smart plays or players as well as good organizational moves.  Honestly as time goes on I am sure the criteria will grow.  Have Fun.

My name is Marcus Felton and I am a Communication Studies major at Campbell University and my concentration is Broadcast Journalism and Production.  I am in my third year and hope to provide entertainment as well as gain experience in blogging as well as reader relations.  Any information that I quote or take anything from will be cited and given credit.  Follow on twitter: @MarcusFelton.


Let the Debate Commence

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