Technical Foul To: Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade “accidentally” kicked Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions in the groin in a game on Thursday and was given a one game suspension.  He said that he had reacted to the contact Sessions gave him.  Yes, I am sure Bruce Bowen always said the same thing when he  drop kicked Wally Szczerbiak on the three point line all those years ago.  Listen Wade, we all know you were sending a message Kobe Bryant gave you this summer after Sessions played completely awful in the playoffs in the spring for the Lakers.  I just can’t comprehend how that is a valid reaction to any contact; that is like punching your mom in the morning when she tries to wake you up for school.  Why would you do that?  If that is a natural reaction then Wade must do this in practice.  That’s the real reason Ray Allen is hurt, not the shoulder.  I haven’t seen a kick like that since Shawn Michaels retired Nature Boy Ric Flair in 2008 with the Sweet Chin Music.

By Sanderson Wrestling

Let the Debate Commence

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