A Giant YEAH! to: Kevin Durant

On Thursday at home the Thunder were down by 11 points in the third quarter and the home win streak seemed lost.  Westbrook was having an abysmal night at the time to say the least and the Thunder were losing to a sub .500 team with its best player supposedly playing under 25 minutes.  Kevin Durant then began to grab boards, get assists and of course, score points.  First of all Durant must have called up Allen Iverson for some cross over lessons because Durant had the Mavericks looking like Antonio Davis.  The Thunder end up winning the game in OT with Durant scoring 40 points and it looked easy, I really don’t even think he broke a sweat because he is just that good.  When he dunked on Chris Kaman late in the game on Thursday we could all tell he was locked in.  Durant is just too clutch not to be in the top two in the MVP race this season and beyond for many years to come.

By Sanderson Wrestling

Let the Debate Commence

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