USA Basketball: Women

The United States Women’s Team after a practice.


Going into the 2012 Olympics the United States women’s team is favored to win the gold medal again.  When it comes to women’s basketball there is usually no other favorite then star heavy team the U.S puts together every year.

This squad has six number one overall picks in the WNBA draft and every player on the team was taken top 4 or lower in their respective drafts.  The team doesn’t get as much buzz as the male athletes get but the ladies get the job done every four years.  Every women’s USA team could be seen as a “Dream Team” with the talent they have every four years.

This year is no different as the women’s team is currently undefeated in exhibition play at 3-0.  When a team has possibly the greatest woman to ever play the game in Diana Taurasi, everything seems possible and defeat is never an option.

Team USA so far is winning by an average of 31.7 ppg. and has out scored the first three opponents 287-192.  No player on this team seems out of place with the lowest scorer on the team being Sue Bird, one of the greatest women to every play the game also.

Geno Auriemma, head Women’s Basketball coach at the University of Connecticut, expects nothing less as he coaches one of the greatest basketball programs in all of sports.  This attitude translates to the USA team.

We have an opportunity to have one of the greatest Olympic teams all-time with the combination of players with the depth, experience and youth Auriemma said about the team going into the London Olympics. 


Every year the team is good and seems to get better.  Because there is not a focus on the women’s side of the ball as the men’s, many do not know of how great the players representing the US team are and what they have accomplished.  When I think of USA Women’s basketball I think of winning, Diana Taurasi and many Gold medals.

When I think of the USA Men I think of the “Dream Team” of ’92, Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc, 2004 Bronze and the “Redeem Team. ”  All good memories and thoughts but winning sticks out the most for the women.  Personally I do not feel that this year will be different.  When you have the best coaching staff, best system and then the best players; it is hard to bet against that team.


By Sanderson Wrestling

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