The Miami Heat are the NBA Champions

The Miami Heat stand tall with their MVP in the 2012 NBA finals


The Miami Heat closed out the OKC Thunder in 5 games in blow out fashion with a 121-106 win.  The game was honestly not even that close as veterans such as Mike Miller stepped up and poured on 23 points and made 7-8 three point field goals.

Lebron James recorded a triple double scoring 26 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists.  Dwayne Wade added 20 to go along with Bosh’s 24.  Mario Chalmers added 10 as well. The even and balanced scoring made the game flow smoothly and it seemed the Heat could not miss a shot midway through the game as they pulled away.  The Miami crowd could smell blood in the water and sensed the title and were “hot” the entire game.

A great celebration commenced after the trophy presentation and Lebron James received the 2012 NBA Bill Russell award(MVP).  The champagne starting popping and the emotions were let loose on both teams.  The Thunder were class acts shaking hands with all Heat players after the game and slowly walked to the back, tears and all. It is more then just a game and that was seen on both ends of the spectrum; the excitement and the despair.

After a 43 point performance Russell Westbrook only scored 19 points on 4-20 shooting and James Harden recorded 19 “garbage buckets” towards the end of the game.  Kevin Durant did all that he could in 43+ minutes of play, scoring 32 points and grabbing 11 rebounds, but it was not nearly enough to stop the ubber motivated Miami squad.

The NBA finals ends in 5 games with 4 of 5 being nail-biters and something to really talk about.  The “King” gets his ring, Dwayne Wade gets another and a handful of veterans are rewarded for on the court support but more importantly the off the court support and the hard work they have put in for many years.  Hopefully the Thunder can stay strong, get through the summer and live to play again next year.

So long to a mind-wrenching, injury filled, shorten, lockout driven and all in all great and entertaining NBA season.  We will remember all, 2011-2012 season, see you next year.


By Sanderson Wrestling

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