Game One Recap: Thunder(1-0) vs. Heat(0-1)

In game one of the NBA Finals 2012 the OKC Thunder defeated the Miami Heat 105-94.

The Heat started out hot, no pun intended, with shooters like Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers were hitting multiple three-point field goals.  Battier was 4-4 through 2.5 quarters and disrupted many plays on the defensive end.

Dwayne Wade and Russell Westbrook did their best impressions of each other missing jump shot after jump shot and not contributing much in the first have.  The difference between the two in the second half was not the fact that both played defense because both improved in that area but it was the energy Westbrook gave to the Thunder.  His energy helped fuel the early 3rd quarter run by his team.

The game was very uptempo game with the Thunder looking young and inexperienced and the Heat looked like the team to beat.  James Harden in the beginning of the game was hot and played very well making good shots as well as Westbrook handing out assists and disrupting shots.

Lebron James dominates through 3 quarters scoring 23 points but only scored 30 points  in the entire game going 2-6 in the fourth quarter.  Kevin Durant scored 17 points in the fourth quarter completing the contrast of Lebron James and Kevin Durant at the end of the game.

Towards the end of the game OKC showed off some great passing and ball movement as a whole.  Their wasn’t too many ball pounding or ball stopping, the game just flowed.  The energy level in the building was just too much the Miami in the second half.

Lebron James and Dwayne Wade floundered settling for jumpers in the 4th quarter and Kevin Durant and Westbrook scored 41 points and the Heat as a team had 40 in the second half.

The Heat should not panic because it is only game 1 and many adjustments will be made by Eric Spolstra and his coaching staff.  Game 2 of the NBA finals starts at 9pm, Thursday night on ABC

By Sanderson Wrestling

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