Thunder Don’t Care Who Starts For Heat

The Thunder will play hard and execute regardless of who starts for the Miami Heat. This attributes to the confidence the coaching staff has in the players and what they can do on the floor offensively and defensively. Scott Brooks is a very good coach with a good staff that has probably mapped out every possible scenario already on paper and is prepared for what ever starting lineup the Heat will dish out. Interesting to see how it plays out tonight. | Hang Time Blog

OKLAHOMA CITY — Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals will tip off at 9:07 p.m. ET on Tuesday. About a half hour before that, we’ll learn who’s starting for the Miami Heat.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra changed his starting lineup twice in the conference finals, but did not start Chris Bosh in any of his three games back from injury. Spoelstra has said that Bosh is the Heat’s most important player, so one would think that Bosh will start Game 1.

If he does, Spoelstra could start him next to Udonis Haslem or Shane Battier. Or Spoelstra could stick with the starting lineup that has worked pretty well (with LeBron James, Battier and Haslem up front) and continue to bring Bosh off the bench.

That’s a lot for Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks to think about. But Brooks isn’t going to stress over it.

“It’s a…

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